Unions are Hypocrates???

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I still can’t stop thinking about all those protests in Wisconsin. I wonder where a newly graduated teacher might be able to go to get a job in the next few months, don’t everyone rush to answer.  Okay so maybe that was a one of them there rhetorical questions. 

Seriously though, I want to take a second to point out that with all the anger and hate being spewed forward about this whole issue there is something that no one has yet to mention that I have found anyway.  By that I mean that for all of unions talk about worker rights and wages and benefits forget that they are the most hypocritical of the lot.   Have you ever been in union?  Has your local or whole union been on strike?  Yes, let me ask you this then, did you get strike wages? Could you support your family on it, could you even use it to buy a Carl’s Jr. six-dollar burger combo meal each day? 

A handful of years ago or so, in one of my many careers that I would rather not go into just now, I happened to meet a man from southern California where at the time there was a cashiers strike at one of the larger regional grocery stores.  It was I believe near Christmas although I can’t recall exactly and basically not that important to the story.  We were discussing a few of the issues of the day when the topic of the strike was brought up.  I wish I could say how it was brought up and to make up a story within this one would just be too much work.  He told me that his wife was one of those that were affected by the strike, being that it was her union that was out on the picket lines.  No I did not go into the reasons for the strike because at the time I think I knew what it was, again not that important to this point that I am getting to I assure you.  We discussed how hard it was for him to make ends meet with her on the picket line.  Trust me when I tell you that I am not now nor have I ever felt sorry for union workers that elect to strike in poor economic times or over something stupid.  But being fairly un-knowledgeable about such things I had to mention… “Well, at least you get the union strike pay that should help out right?”  I know; but how was I to know having never been in a union.  He however took it all in stride and even laughed a little as he told me of the great “strike pay”… now I think I am getting this correct as I tell you what he told me, but it was a few years ago and I have been known to have had my share of concussions so my memory gets a bit hazy.  His chuckling response was “Yeah she gets strike pay but only if she is on the picket line and only (this is where it gets fuzzy but only a little) $6 a week and only if she is on the line for three days that week” $2 a day hardly a living wage being paid by those unions that are in it to ensure that workers make a “living wage”.  Then again maybe that only pertains to when someone else is doing the paying.

Now I know too that what is happening is not technically a strike but you couldn’t prove it by the looks of it or the rhetoric being spilled, then again it’s not the unions that are paying the “protesting” teachers it’s the taxpayer when they show up with those fake doctors excuses…. too far yet?  Or as my friend and author W. M. Stahl likes to say … Had enough yet?  

As for me I will just sip my cocktail and be here when you do …
T. A. Keller

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