Lesson of the Day#1

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Okay so maybe I am a little bit behind the curve on a few of these things today but I want to try something a little bit different so bear with me… No, no don’t take off your clothes *facepalm*  ….

A few days ago the President decided that the DOJ should no longer defend the legal battles against the Defence of Marriage Act or DOMA for short…  Also over the last few days the Attorney General Eric Holder told congress that he didn’t want to prosecute the Black Panthers for possible voter intimidation charges stemming from the 2008 elections at a voting place in Philadelphia… all the while suing the state of Arizona for its immigration legislation that would require all legal immigrants to carry their ID as being racist… 
I have begun to wonder where that racism is directed at… while it must be okay to not defend a still existing law that was passed in good faith on christian values, it is not okay to prosecute African-Americans over alleged voter intimidation, all while suing a state over allegations that the law they have passed is in their opinion racist, too far yet?

T. A. Keller

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