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Okay so maybe I am a little bit behind the curve on a few of these things today but I want to try something a little bit different so bear with me… No, no don’t take off your clothes *facepalm*  ….

A few days ago the President decided that the DOJ should no longer defend the legal battles against the Defence of Marriage Act or DOMA for short…  Also over the last few days the Attorney General Eric Holder told congress that he didn’t want to prosecute the Black Panthers for possible voter intimidation charges stemming from the 2008 elections at a voting place in Philadelphia… all the while suing the state of Arizona for its immigration legislation that would require all legal immigrants to carry their ID as being racist… 
I have begun to wonder where that racism is directed at… while it must be okay to not defend a still existing law that was passed in good faith on christian values, it is not okay to prosecute African-Americans over alleged voter intimidation, all while suing a state over allegations that the law they have passed is in their opinion racist, too far yet?

T. A. Keller

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Unions are Hypocrates???

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I still can’t stop thinking about all those protests in Wisconsin. I wonder where a newly graduated teacher might be able to go to get a job in the next few months, don’t everyone rush to answer.  Okay so maybe that was a one of them there rhetorical questions. 

Seriously though, I want to take a second to point out that with all the anger and hate being spewed forward about this whole issue there is something that no one has yet to mention that I have found anyway.  By that I mean that for all of unions talk about worker rights and wages and benefits forget that they are the most hypocritical of the lot.   Have you ever been in union?  Has your local or whole union been on strike?  Yes, let me ask you this then, did you get strike wages? Could you support your family on it, could you even use it to buy a Carl’s Jr. six-dollar burger combo meal each day? 

A handful of years ago or so, in one of my many careers that I would rather not go into just now, I happened to meet a man from southern California where at the time there was a cashiers strike at one of the larger regional grocery stores.  It was I believe near Christmas although I can’t recall exactly and basically not that important to the story.  We were discussing a few of the issues of the day when the topic of the strike was brought up.  I wish I could say how it was brought up and to make up a story within this one would just be too much work.  He told me that his wife was one of those that were affected by the strike, being that it was her union that was out on the picket lines.  No I did not go into the reasons for the strike because at the time I think I knew what it was, again not that important to this point that I am getting to I assure you.  We discussed how hard it was for him to make ends meet with her on the picket line.  Trust me when I tell you that I am not now nor have I ever felt sorry for union workers that elect to strike in poor economic times or over something stupid.  But being fairly un-knowledgeable about such things I had to mention… “Well, at least you get the union strike pay that should help out right?”  I know; but how was I to know having never been in a union.  He however took it all in stride and even laughed a little as he told me of the great “strike pay”… now I think I am getting this correct as I tell you what he told me, but it was a few years ago and I have been known to have had my share of concussions so my memory gets a bit hazy.  His chuckling response was “Yeah she gets strike pay but only if she is on the picket line and only (this is where it gets fuzzy but only a little) $6 a week and only if she is on the line for three days that week” $2 a day hardly a living wage being paid by those unions that are in it to ensure that workers make a “living wage”.  Then again maybe that only pertains to when someone else is doing the paying.

Now I know too that what is happening is not technically a strike but you couldn’t prove it by the looks of it or the rhetoric being spilled, then again it’s not the unions that are paying the “protesting” teachers it’s the taxpayer when they show up with those fake doctors excuses…. too far yet?  Or as my friend and author W. M. Stahl likes to say … Had enough yet?  

As for me I will just sip my cocktail and be here when you do …
T. A. Keller

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Teachers Wanted … Spelling and Grammar not Required

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Proof positive you don’t have to be smart to be a teacher, or is it just in Wisconsin?  I know I know not all the protesters in Madison WI  are teachers but you would think that since they are the most vocal they would be ashamed to have these signs flashed around.  If in deed that some of these sign holders are teachers doesn’t it make you wonder why our school systems are receiving failing grades while we throw more and more cash at them to be fixed? No?    I wonder too just how many handed their students markers and had them helping to make the signs? 

I think this one speaks for itself!


well at least it isn't spelled Negotiashuns...

while at least one has no idea what year it is... probably a civics teacher


this one should be wearing an I are College Edgeumacated T-Shirt

No doubt a product of the education system in Wisconsin….

There were also a few … well let’s just say kinder gentler non rhetoric protesters there as well … one thing I have to say is they must have been from out-of-state …but they could at least spell ….

(for some reason these last two are not being very friendly… so click on the x and it should open a new window so you can view them)


these were not the only ones referencing a dead and a recently ousted dictator but isn’t the left that always complains that it’s supposedly the right wings nuts that hold up these signs?  I know I have not seen very many photos showing the Tea Party supporters that were there but since I have not seen any before that were not shown to be plants or fakes I can lay good odds that there were none.  Now don’t get me wrong, if I thought the public employees of any state were getting hosed I would be more kinder and gentler… no not like these protesters…toward them.  But as it is the public unions tell you that you don’t have to be a member but you still have to pay them dues.  That I feel in and of itself is a good enough reason to want to end collective bargaining.  That and what some fail to remember is that once you invite a union into your shop it is nearly impossible to get them out.  In my OPINION the unions may have given us a lot but they have also taken a lot away from us, and with dwindling membership numbers they are perhaps more than desperate to keep a hold on what they do have.  

I read a comment the other day about how many teachers struggle to make it on $51,000 a year…. I wish I were struggling on 51k a year and didn’t have to pay my health insurance or pay into my retirement…  It’s high time we did something about the out of control cost of education and started making the schools accountable for the students education.

For more fun with pictures have a look at the following … Gratewire and Hotair

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Middle East Big Bang Theory???

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I was asked the other day for my thoughts on the happenings in Egypt.  I have to admit that I have not been following it all that closely yet I have caught a few articles on all the unrest.  While I have to wonder what the USA will be getting out of a more, for the moment anyway, destabilized Middle East, not to mention what will happen to the people of Egypt itself.  Is this their doom as a stable country for a time? Which way do the people really want to go, toward a more democratic government, or to a theocracy founded Islamic state?   One has to wonder what will be best for the people of Egypt as well as those around them.  We know that as governments go Hosni Mubarak is considered a dictator we know too that they are western leaning and have over the years become friendly to the US and to other countries of much note the influx of Western and Eastern tourism as well.  Many Russians for example find an Egyptian holiday less expensive than one on the Black Sea or other closer destination spots.  We all are aware of the history of the Nile valley and its place therein.  One might argue that Egypt itself belongs to the world.  Not that in some ways there would be much of a point to argue against but it is up to the Egyptian people to either stay a more open western leaning country or to fall back to the theocracy of what will come if those like the Muslim Brotherhood are best known to advocate have their way.  I can’t help but think, no matter which way Egypt goes, could this be the POTUS Obama’s Carter moment or would that be yet another one of his Carter moments.  Now only time can tell for sure which way they will go.  I can only hope that they do not fall victim to those that would take their society back to just after the fall of manyof their Pharaoh’s we have seen the photos and video of the riots and looting of the museums and I can’t help but be reminded of two things in history.  One, the not so distant past when there was a government in Afghanistan that took artillery and blew away any signs of any religion that was not Islamic.  With that many of that country’s cultural history was gone forever.  Two, a far more distant history in Egypt itself and as I looked at photos I was taken back to history class when we were told of what would and had happened when  one family would fall out of power or one Pharaoh would begin to believe in different gods or ways of the gods.  Tombs would be destroyed as well as statues and other artifacts that represented those beliefs.  The great sphinx itself is believed to have had more than one face lift chiseled out by some now anonymous stone carver.  All of it happening because of a change in ruling families and/or change in their different religious beliefs.  I find it rather hard to believe that a country would so hate those in power or those that were in power, that they would destroy their own history and want to change it to suit the new ruling power.  Until then I reserve more of a comment and hope that I will not have to pull an, I thought that would happen when the dust settles on the country of Egypt.  We all know that the UN will be as useless as always in this situation no matter what happens.  As for the POTUS umm well I would tell him the old story of the dance and how “you always dance with the one what brung you”.  Now that is not to say that we need to back him staying in power especially if that is what the people of Egypt want.   But we need to back his moves at reform so that there is no (as the left likes to say) vacuum of power where everything is sucked in and nothing is clear except the struggle and death of those wanting the power.     

T. A. Keller

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FAIL !!!

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The British Prime Minister speaks out on Failed Multiculturalism, and of course there seems to be only one culture that is speaking out against it. I wonder what it is that those that want to force countries to adopt their cultural laws has against becoming one with the culture of the country they are living in?
Could it be that those forward, down the nose looking European countries are learning what immigrants learned in this country more than a hundred years ago; that in order to live in a society and to be part of it you need to embrace that country’s culture and not live separately in your own little world? I am not saying that we have not forgotten this lesson but then again so have the immigrants that have poured into this country. One can have a home life filled with their own cultural ideals and still be part of the culture around them. We have been so eager to portray ourselves as accepting of all cultures and ideas that we have forgotten what has made this country what it is today. That is that we in the US are a mixing of cultures and ideas that are all based on a set of ideas the most important is freedoms to be and do what you dream, as long as it isn’t illegal of course. Oh sure, you say, but there is China town little Italy little Tokyo and a few other little this or that in major cities around this country and there have been for many years. You would be absolutely right but you are forgetting that they also pushed their children to read and speak english while also teaching them their family history. They knew that in order to get along in this new world their children would need to become one with the society around them. I do find it a little interesting to note that while it is the left that tells you not to worry we will print everything in your language, and that it is ok to put your cultural life and cultural laws above those of this country are the same ones that want us all to get along… it’s kind of hard to do that when everyone is following a different culture… If I were to accept an offer to or decide to move to another country I would not expect to have my culture anywhere outside my home except maybe in Little USA that is if there is such a thing in other countries. I would expect to live with their culture and learning their ways as well as making sure that my children learned it as well so that they could be proud of where they were born/living.

T. A. Keller
to read the article referenced click here

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Finally a voice of truth ….

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Finally after trying to find some sanity in the recent Financial Crisis Commission Report some one that actually has a grasp on what happened to our money and the cause of the recession has spoken up although I would like to add one more essential party to that list of five that according to John Wasik of Reuters.com shares with us. It seems that no one remembers the part of the community organizers the likes of ACORN and others that pressured some banks to give out the high risk loans and become the “predator” loan writers in the first place. I am sure many will disagree with me but then again isn’t that something I am asking of you anyway? We have been told that these organizers went to some of these banks and laid out for them the way things would be done if they wanted to expand into certain areas. Now again I know you are going to the name calling and no fact to back it up but with everything that has come forward about ACORN, I think I can place a safe bet on this stance. Not that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac didn’t become more than willing participants in this whole mess all with knowledge that while not being too big to fail, they would have the full backing of our tax dollars no matter what. They should have had that apron string cut a long time ago, and never to have been brought back under the Fed. Then again what else would they have to squander our tax dollars on if it weren’t for that?
T. A. Keller
you can read artticle by Mr. Wasik here 5 essential truths missing from the Financial Crisis Commission Reports

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Over Ruled…

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I knew the battle had not been won by anyone until the state Supreme Court weighed in, and now they have done just that. I had a feeling, when they told the elections office not to print more ballots without Emanuels name on them that this would be their ruling. It seems that I was safe in letting those feelings jump in, yet who knows if he will win with his raise taxes platform. After hearing his idea of cutting sales taxes in one area while raising them in others, I can be sure that more than one person with a left mind will be checking off their ballot with his name. Sounds a bit like POTUS moment when he began with no raising of anyone’s taxes that makes under 250k a year, while also telling us that our utility rates would skyrocket if he were to be elected and enacted his policies. While our utility rates have been rising, I am waiting for the taxes to kick in… Well one will be in 2013 when the 3.8% sales tax on the sale of your home kicks in. Just one of the many benefits brought to you by the “once it is passed you see what is in it” healthcare reform law. Then again, I am getting a bit off track. I must admit that I am less than thrilled with the ruling by the court in this case. It’s not that I will be losing sleep over his election or non-election however, it turns out but I do fear for future elections. Why, well let’s take their over all ruling and not go into the details although the devil is in the details. What concerns me, as well as it should any one that lives in Illinois, by using this ruling one could in effect go to Illinois buy a home get a little mail there rent out the home then run for whatever seat they wish in the next election. The main issue being that residence was established and while one could say they intended to return, no matter the intent, it would mean that the residence was not abandoned. Maybe I am missing something… I could buy a home get some mail there rent it out then not live there… hmmm. I would think that the act of renting out the property would have been in a sense abandoning the residence now if the home had sat empty then I would have to fully agree with the ruling… then again I am not lawyer or a judge in Illinois. Well one thing for sure Emanuel will now have a place to spend the 10 million that he has raised to campaign for Chicago’s mayor.

T. A. Keller

read morehere from MSNBC

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The Chicago Machine suffers a loss…

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Is the Chicago political machine slowing down?
Rahm Emanuel’s’ bid for Chicago mayor shot down by the courts. Actually following the laws created by the state the court of appeals has ruled that Rahm may have quit his job for nothing. His loss will not create a vacuum in which I will lose a lot of sleep over but one has to be intrigued by the ruling none the less. In a time when laws are over looked, twisted, turned and reinterpreted until one can not tell how the original law reads or as to its intent I am somewhat satisfied to learn that there are still some things that will hold up, I hope. It all reminds me of the Florida debacle in 2000 when the elections officials were attempting to change the vote counting rules/laws while counting them. Much like what was done in Alaska after the last election. Now I am not trying to say that Miller had a chance of beating Murkowski but when you count votes that are clearly in violation of the rules you have to stand up and say enough. A challenge was made and subsequently dropped I can agree that it needed to be settled but it also goes into precedence and now one will be able to “go to the intent” of the voter and not what the voter voted… if you follow that line…
I am sure that Rahm is far from giving up hid bid for mayor but his time is running out. What his next step will be… appeal the appeal? Meanwhile the vote for mayor is still scheduled for February. Well one thing is for sure … I am fairly sure he will not be mounting a write in campaign. Will the Chicago style of politics finally run out of office? Is there a chance that there will be a higher ruling? As the announcer used to say…
“Tune in next time to find out…. Will the Emanuel campaign for mayor continue? Will a higher court over rule the appellate court decision? Will Cindy get to the store on time? Will Jim remember everything on his mothers list?” Come back to Too Far Yet soon to find out …. Ok maybe the last two are a little much but hey who knows Jim and Cindy could be very important in Chicago politics.

T. A. Keller
find the article here.. Emanual can not run for mayor.

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anti Amercian song played at Whitehouse dinner…

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Your tax dollars at work?
I often wonder just how far our government would go to bow over and kiss the toes of those that hold a majority of our debt.

That question was answered his week at the state dinner that you and I paid for when Chinese pianist Lang Lang sat down to play for the visiting Chinese Officials.  With the playing of the theme song of an anti American propaganda movie about the Korean War. Afer reading the article with this fine news I wondered if our POTUS was surprised or if he applauded the piece. It makes me wonder too if in fact this POTUS would be again bowing to Chairman Hu Jintao as he said farewell? Are we as a nation supposed to bow as well after all they own a butt load of our debt as a nation. It comes as no suprise that the video is and has been recieved quite well in China. Should we be surprised that it has come to this? After all what were we told when the words to our national anthem
were changed? something along the line of suck it up… or was it oh they meant no harm and it is a form of flattery? and yet we were told we were angry just because they sang it in spanish… umm no I was angry because they changed the words.. just as I am angry that this was played in the white house as if we were and are a defeated people and country that must bow down to it’s invaders. too far yet?
T. A. Keller
you can find the article here at The Epochtimes

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