T. A. Keller is a civilian that has opinions about events just like most people in the world and you know what they say about opinions. He plans to share with you some of the things that he feels are important and that you should know. Does he ask that you take what he says as face value? No. You should always read any and all articles that he references and/or links to in his posts. He asks that any questions about this page be directed to him, as W. M. is just an over seer and Administrator of takeller.wordpress. T. A. invites you to contribute links/posts and comments that you feel are important lessons that we all should know. To reach T. A. leave your questions/comments here. He knows that while many of you will not agree with him he asks that your comments follow the guidelines set up for submissions or your comment /question will be deleted and ignored.

W. M. Stahl is an author and Administrator of T. A.s posting and page. While over seeing the site he is responsable for adding content/widgets/links and over all appearence of this page. While having opinions and insite he wants to share T. A. is not as tech savy as he would like to be or (in my opinion) wants to be.

You can contact us via email:
                          T. A. Keller:            Admin:
                           email            email


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