Middle East Big Bang Theory???

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I was asked the other day for my thoughts on the happenings in Egypt.  I have to admit that I have not been following it all that closely yet I have caught a few articles on all the unrest.  While I have to wonder what the USA will be getting out of a more, for the moment anyway, destabilized Middle East, not to mention what will happen to the people of Egypt itself.  Is this their doom as a stable country for a time? Which way do the people really want to go, toward a more democratic government, or to a theocracy founded Islamic state?   One has to wonder what will be best for the people of Egypt as well as those around them.  We know that as governments go Hosni Mubarak is considered a dictator we know too that they are western leaning and have over the years become friendly to the US and to other countries of much note the influx of Western and Eastern tourism as well.  Many Russians for example find an Egyptian holiday less expensive than one on the Black Sea or other closer destination spots.  We all are aware of the history of the Nile valley and its place therein.  One might argue that Egypt itself belongs to the world.  Not that in some ways there would be much of a point to argue against but it is up to the Egyptian people to either stay a more open western leaning country or to fall back to the theocracy of what will come if those like the Muslim Brotherhood are best known to advocate have their way.  I can’t help but think, no matter which way Egypt goes, could this be the POTUS Obama’s Carter moment or would that be yet another one of his Carter moments.  Now only time can tell for sure which way they will go.  I can only hope that they do not fall victim to those that would take their society back to just after the fall of manyof their Pharaoh’s we have seen the photos and video of the riots and looting of the museums and I can’t help but be reminded of two things in history.  One, the not so distant past when there was a government in Afghanistan that took artillery and blew away any signs of any religion that was not Islamic.  With that many of that country’s cultural history was gone forever.  Two, a far more distant history in Egypt itself and as I looked at photos I was taken back to history class when we were told of what would and had happened when  one family would fall out of power or one Pharaoh would begin to believe in different gods or ways of the gods.  Tombs would be destroyed as well as statues and other artifacts that represented those beliefs.  The great sphinx itself is believed to have had more than one face lift chiseled out by some now anonymous stone carver.  All of it happening because of a change in ruling families and/or change in their different religious beliefs.  I find it rather hard to believe that a country would so hate those in power or those that were in power, that they would destroy their own history and want to change it to suit the new ruling power.  Until then I reserve more of a comment and hope that I will not have to pull an, I thought that would happen when the dust settles on the country of Egypt.  We all know that the UN will be as useless as always in this situation no matter what happens.  As for the POTUS umm well I would tell him the old story of the dance and how “you always dance with the one what brung you”.  Now that is not to say that we need to back him staying in power especially if that is what the people of Egypt want.   But we need to back his moves at reform so that there is no (as the left likes to say) vacuum of power where everything is sucked in and nothing is clear except the struggle and death of those wanting the power.     

T. A. Keller

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