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The British Prime Minister speaks out on Failed Multiculturalism, and of course there seems to be only one culture that is speaking out against it. I wonder what it is that those that want to force countries to adopt their cultural laws has against becoming one with the culture of the country they are living in?
Could it be that those forward, down the nose looking European countries are learning what immigrants learned in this country more than a hundred years ago; that in order to live in a society and to be part of it you need to embrace that country’s culture and not live separately in your own little world? I am not saying that we have not forgotten this lesson but then again so have the immigrants that have poured into this country. One can have a home life filled with their own cultural ideals and still be part of the culture around them. We have been so eager to portray ourselves as accepting of all cultures and ideas that we have forgotten what has made this country what it is today. That is that we in the US are a mixing of cultures and ideas that are all based on a set of ideas the most important is freedoms to be and do what you dream, as long as it isn’t illegal of course. Oh sure, you say, but there is China town little Italy little Tokyo and a few other little this or that in major cities around this country and there have been for many years. You would be absolutely right but you are forgetting that they also pushed their children to read and speak english while also teaching them their family history. They knew that in order to get along in this new world their children would need to become one with the society around them. I do find it a little interesting to note that while it is the left that tells you not to worry we will print everything in your language, and that it is ok to put your cultural life and cultural laws above those of this country are the same ones that want us all to get along… it’s kind of hard to do that when everyone is following a different culture… If I were to accept an offer to or decide to move to another country I would not expect to have my culture anywhere outside my home except maybe in Little USA that is if there is such a thing in other countries. I would expect to live with their culture and learning their ways as well as making sure that my children learned it as well so that they could be proud of where they were born/living.

T. A. Keller
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