Over Ruled…

Posted on January 28, 2011. Filed under: Politics |

I knew the battle had not been won by anyone until the state Supreme Court weighed in, and now they have done just that. I had a feeling, when they told the elections office not to print more ballots without Emanuels name on them that this would be their ruling. It seems that I was safe in letting those feelings jump in, yet who knows if he will win with his raise taxes platform. After hearing his idea of cutting sales taxes in one area while raising them in others, I can be sure that more than one person with a left mind will be checking off their ballot with his name. Sounds a bit like POTUS moment when he began with no raising of anyone’s taxes that makes under 250k a year, while also telling us that our utility rates would skyrocket if he were to be elected and enacted his policies. While our utility rates have been rising, I am waiting for the taxes to kick in… Well one will be in 2013 when the 3.8% sales tax on the sale of your home kicks in. Just one of the many benefits brought to you by the “once it is passed you see what is in it” healthcare reform law. Then again, I am getting a bit off track. I must admit that I am less than thrilled with the ruling by the court in this case. It’s not that I will be losing sleep over his election or non-election however, it turns out but I do fear for future elections. Why, well let’s take their over all ruling and not go into the details although the devil is in the details. What concerns me, as well as it should any one that lives in Illinois, by using this ruling one could in effect go to Illinois buy a home get a little mail there rent out the home then run for whatever seat they wish in the next election. The main issue being that residence was established and while one could say they intended to return, no matter the intent, it would mean that the residence was not abandoned. Maybe I am missing something… I could buy a home get some mail there rent it out then not live there… hmmm. I would think that the act of renting out the property would have been in a sense abandoning the residence now if the home had sat empty then I would have to fully agree with the ruling… then again I am not lawyer or a judge in Illinois. Well one thing for sure Emanuel will now have a place to spend the 10 million that he has raised to campaign for Chicago’s mayor.

T. A. Keller

read morehere from MSNBC

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