The Chicago Machine suffers a loss…

Posted on January 25, 2011. Filed under: Politics |

Is the Chicago political machine slowing down?
Rahm Emanuel’s’ bid for Chicago mayor shot down by the courts. Actually following the laws created by the state the court of appeals has ruled that Rahm may have quit his job for nothing. His loss will not create a vacuum in which I will lose a lot of sleep over but one has to be intrigued by the ruling none the less. In a time when laws are over looked, twisted, turned and reinterpreted until one can not tell how the original law reads or as to its intent I am somewhat satisfied to learn that there are still some things that will hold up, I hope. It all reminds me of the Florida debacle in 2000 when the elections officials were attempting to change the vote counting rules/laws while counting them. Much like what was done in Alaska after the last election. Now I am not trying to say that Miller had a chance of beating Murkowski but when you count votes that are clearly in violation of the rules you have to stand up and say enough. A challenge was made and subsequently dropped I can agree that it needed to be settled but it also goes into precedence and now one will be able to “go to the intent” of the voter and not what the voter voted… if you follow that line…
I am sure that Rahm is far from giving up hid bid for mayor but his time is running out. What his next step will be… appeal the appeal? Meanwhile the vote for mayor is still scheduled for February. Well one thing is for sure … I am fairly sure he will not be mounting a write in campaign. Will the Chicago style of politics finally run out of office? Is there a chance that there will be a higher ruling? As the announcer used to say…
“Tune in next time to find out…. Will the Emanuel campaign for mayor continue? Will a higher court over rule the appellate court decision? Will Cindy get to the store on time? Will Jim remember everything on his mothers list?” Come back to Too Far Yet soon to find out …. Ok maybe the last two are a little much but hey who knows Jim and Cindy could be very important in Chicago politics.

T. A. Keller
find the article here.. Emanual can not run for mayor.

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