anti Amercian song played at Whitehouse dinner…

Posted on January 24, 2011. Filed under: Politics |

Your tax dollars at work?
I often wonder just how far our government would go to bow over and kiss the toes of those that hold a majority of our debt.

That question was answered his week at the state dinner that you and I paid for when Chinese pianist Lang Lang sat down to play for the visiting Chinese Officials.  With the playing of the theme song of an anti American propaganda movie about the Korean War. Afer reading the article with this fine news I wondered if our POTUS was surprised or if he applauded the piece. It makes me wonder too if in fact this POTUS would be again bowing to Chairman Hu Jintao as he said farewell? Are we as a nation supposed to bow as well after all they own a butt load of our debt as a nation. It comes as no suprise that the video is and has been recieved quite well in China. Should we be surprised that it has come to this? After all what were we told when the words to our national anthem
were changed? something along the line of suck it up… or was it oh they meant no harm and it is a form of flattery? and yet we were told we were angry just because they sang it in spanish… umm no I was angry because they changed the words.. just as I am angry that this was played in the white house as if we were and are a defeated people and country that must bow down to it’s invaders. too far yet?
T. A. Keller
you can find the article here at The Epochtimes

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